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Fitness Class East County

Power through Your Day with Strength Training Classes East County

High-tech toys don't deliver the body you really want. At ECB Sweat we still use the tried and true methods when focusing on building long and lean muscles. Sign up for our strength training classes East County and see results in a short time when you work with our professional staff. Our gym is fully equipped with the barbells, body bars, resistance bands, and experienced direction you need to optimize your time spent with us. Not sure if we are the gym for you? We offer flexible memberships from one month to a full year so you can make an informed decision.

  Kick Off Your Day with a Fitness Class East County

Do you work better when you arrive at work with your blood pulsing through your veins? Check out our early morning fitness class East County. Come together with a select class of focused individuals and an energized instructor so that you can jump start your adrenaline. Some of our classes start as early as 5 AM so you still have time to get the kids to school and reach the office on time. Our instructors also work with our nutritionist so you can receive all the support you need to take your body to the next level.

  Change It Up and Work Out at Your Own Speed

Maybe you prefer the peace and quiet of completing a cross training circuit on your own. The gym is open during regular working hours and into the early evening. Call ahead to check on wait times or work with us to reserve your work out with a personal trainer. We are here to support everybody in your pursuit for a happier and healthier life through true physical fitness.

Call today and learn how ECB Sweat is here for you as a local gym with professional trainers and nutritionists.

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